Caring for your jewellery



 Some stones, and pearls in particular, can be affected by heat, strong chemicals, cleaning products and perfumes.  Therefore we recommend removing any items before applying perfume, showering, sunbathing, swimming and cleaning.

 We do not recommend wearing jewellery on the beach as the sand can be damage the surface of the stones and metal.

 We also advise you do not exercise or sleep in any items of jewellery.


 Most items can be cleaned using a weak solution of warm water and washing up liquid.  Soak the item for a few minutes and brush gently with a soft toothbrush to remove any grease and ingrained dirt.  Wipe dry with a soft clean cloth.

 Softer and more porous materials such as pearls, opals and emeralds should be wiped clean with a damp cloth only.

 Please check with us if in doubt.


 We recommend that all jewellery is stored and transported in its original box (or use a purpose designed jewellery roll if travelling).  Avoid stacking items on top of each other as this can affect any surface finishes and damage delicate materials.

Strung pearls should be kept rolled in a soft cloth.  The thread should be checked periodically for signs of wear and restrung if necessary.


If you have any questions regarding the care of your Sweet Pea jewellery please contact us on 020 7449 9292 or email at