'Doodles in Gold' Instagram Competition

'Doodles in Gold' Instagram Competition

We launched a Instagram giveaway/competition in March that coincided with the launch of our new ‘Doodles in Gold’ collection. 

The Giveaway’s requirements included the typical like/comment and a share with a trusted friend, but it aimed to champion creativity during a time of global difficulty. 

So, we asked the following: “Submit a Doodle of your own (could be a doodle on the corner of a piece of paper you’ve scribbled on during that boring Zoom meeting from last week, or it could be a drawing from when you were a kid or it could be the one of your kid’s drawings)”

The pandemic has been difficult for us all to process, but what better way to work through all those feelings that have been brought up by the pandemic than through art?

We were looking for creative, free expressions of individual experiences and outlooks. We were hoping to incentivise people to let loose and express their creativity, and hopefully use it as a way of escapism or a way of processing what they are feeling.

Art can be a very powerful tool for anyone, regardless of occupation, background and age. There is no better time to start that Now! If you would like to check out Doodles submitted for the competition, you can check out the hashtag #DoodlesinGold or have a look on our Instagram Page under the Giveaway Story Highlights.



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