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May 04 2021 – Siobhan O'Neill

At Sweet Pea we design and make our own jewellery, and that is a world within itself, but we believe that we don't exist in the world as individuals but as an interconnected community. As such we think that we all should support our contemporaries. We stock jewellery from our contemporaries and always try and shine the light onto emerging artists and designers.

Our youngest is Zoe Sherwood with her 3D printed Nylon Jewellery. She has just released a new ''Hope'' collection, a sentiment we all need a bit of right now.  


Brooke Gregson 

“The longer I am in the field of jewellery the more respect I try to offer the stones I work with and cherish the idea of jewellery has so many different  meanings and purposes for the wearer. Influenced by my textile background and watercolour paintings, my collections are an homage to the different symbols jewellery can hold and the strong women who wear them” Brooke Gregson 

Laura Lee

Laura Lee’s eclectic mix of luxury jewellery allows the wearer to layer and combine precious metals & gemstones with signature antique coins & custom engravings however they wish - tying together Laura's passion for artefacts and natural materials as well as the very human need to adorn ourselves with precious mementos, that tell our story.

Celine D'aoust

Celine D’aoust draws her inspiration from nature and the symbolic values of the stones. she focuses on playing with contrasts like rough and precious elements.  Her creations are unique and delicate, Celine really exploits the look of the tourmaline stone, it is one of her signature.

Polly Wales

“We make jewellery that lends itself to reminiscing. It feels ancient, travelled, lived in and handed down. We are the antithesis of pristine and reserved; I like to think of our pieces like an old friend and also the most intriguing person at the party – at once intimate and captivating.”  

Zoe Sherwood

Zoe interprets the world around her into unique sculptural and conversational adornments, jewellery and accessories. Zoe is inspired by the journey of life, she uses words to tell these stories and creates visual patterns. Zoe believes in embracing who you are and what you stand for.

Alex Monroe

Alex grew up in the countryside, in the wilds of Suffolk in a big old house surrounded by nature. He lived a life of adventure in rivers and forests, roaming freely in nature's playground. His jewellery is made to be worn ant to be loved and these values remain unchanged to this day.



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